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*1stMarDiv patch is authorized however must still be approved by chapter officers. Placement of 1stMarDiv patch shall not be in common location as 1% patches.*


Wearer's Right Side:

Road Name

Organization/ Chapter Officer rank ( if applicable)

Note: if the US flag is worn on this side the stars go on the right

The Wearer's Lefrf Side

US Flag w/stars on left 

  (nothing goes above the US flag)

CVMA Chapter tab

Back of the Vest:

Large CVMA Patch, worn centered or slightly above center

*Vets Helping Vets* bar

Bars are generally stacked below the CVMA back patch, with your combat theater bar(s) having precedence. However, any back patch other than the Large CVMA Patch is entirely optional, and consequently, can be placed at the wearers discretion. 

Screenshot 2024-03-10 at 10.44.37 AM.png

Prohibited items for display on any items bearing the CVMA IP (reference CVMA National Bylaws, Appendix A), logos or reasonable resemblance thereof:

a.Rockers, arches or scrolls that conform above or below the CVMA Member logos that may lend to the appearance of a three-piece design.

b. Rib or side rockers.

c. Diamond shaped patches, logos, or emblems.

d. Patches or emblems depicting political affiliation or propaganda.

e. Any patch, logo or emblem that represents a percent (%).

f. Any patch, logo or emblem that represents/supports any Motorcycle Club (MC).

g. The CVMA Members’s back patch or other intellectual property (IP) will not be modified in any way from how it was issued by the CVMA. Surrounding, decorating, or adorning the CVMA Member logos (i.e. “Bedazzle” to decorate or personalize clothing or accessories using sequins, beads, glitter etc.) is not allowed.

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